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Lentils - Simple ways to make the food go further

Organic Recipes

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Organic Recipes and Basic Tips


Lentils can be used to add more protein to an organic meat-based meal.

Instead of using 750g of meat, use 500g plus 3/4 cup of cooked lentils or 250g meat plus ½ cup of cooked lentils. This enables you to meet protein needs for your family/flat/household at a nicely reduced cost, as organic lentils are relatively inexpensive.

In addition, it cuts down on the meat costs, making organic meat a more affordable addition to the diet.

Easy does it
If you are new to lentils and in the process of acquiring a taste for them, don’t use too many in one dish — a few as an extra ingredient means that you have something interesting added to your dish.

Being faced with a huge plateful can be off-putting - unless you know how to make them taste great!

You may find that although lentils have a nice spicy flavour, they can need more flavouring than meat.

Garlic, salt, herbs and spices, lemon or lime juice, tomato paste, Thai or Indian spice mixtures with coconut milk, used judiciously and in the right combinations will all do the trick.

To prepare lentils
Lentils can be soaked first to make them more easily digestible.

It is a good idea to prepare enough for three meals, so you will have some to put aside for when you are pressed for time.

Place 2 cups in pot, bring to boil, turn off heat and let sit in water for an hour or two, in a cool place.

Drain, replace water and cook until tender, before legumes start to fall apart. Drain.

They can also be cooked and eaten without presoaking.

Freezing lentils
Divide cooked lentils into thirds, use one for the night’s meal, place the other two in the freezer. It’s ok to reuse bags, as long as they are clean. Name & date bags (so you can be confident when it comes time to use them), and place in freezer when cool.

This way when you are pressed for time and dosh you already have organic "fast food" lentils ready for action!

There is the added bonus of knowing that reducing meat intake is good for your health, good for the planet and good for farmed animals.

The following advertisements are not placed by Organic Pathways and are not necessarily organic