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Isabelle Giangrasso: Click to hear Isabelle's welcoming intro. 184KBs
Isabelle Giangrasso: Click to hear Isabelle's welcoming intro. 184KBs


French women are synonymous with beauty and style so when they are also talking  about natural, genuinely certified organic beauty care,it becomes even more interesting. 


Isabelle Giangrasso was a beautician working in Auckland, who became concerned about the chemical products she was using and sought a natural  alternative. 

As a result, she became a naturo-beautician and responsible for training Phyt’s naturo-beauticians in New Zealand.
(to find out more about the naturo-beautician, see the story below) 


Ecological & Organic
She now distributes nation-wide a range of ecological and certified organic skin care and dietary supplements called Phyt’s (from phyto or plant).


  Creme Reviderm
Wrinkles reducer with chlorophyll, oxygenating and revitalising. Balances, regenerates, nourishes. Emulsion: Virgin oils of hazelnut    , sunflower     & wheat; Essential oils of Geranium    , Lavandin oil    , Cypress    , Thyme    , Castor seed    ; vegetal: Chlorophyll.  40g tube.  Retail $74.15

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        Masque Reviderm 
A cinnamon hydration bath oxygenating and revitalising. Hydrates, regenerates, balances and brightens your skin. Emulsion: virgin oil of hazelnut    ; Essential oils of cardamum    , cypress    , orange    , clove    , cinnamon    , oregano     - white argile- Magnesium - Vegetal Chlorophyll. 40g tube. Retail $37.30

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“I used to have a beauty salon that I have recently sold, and I was working with chemical ranges to start with.  I start feeling really bad having to say to my client that those skin care were good for them when I knew deeply they were not.“


Changing health & beauty attitudes  

“This is when I decided and was determined to make a better change and a better choice and wanted to educate people about health and beauty and attitude towards skin care products.


“And I started to read a lot and research about chemicals and start to be really scared when I found out some of them could give you cancers, so I decide to find a skin care range and spa range that was natural as possible — preferably made in France, being French myself, born in Paris.”


100% natural, and certified organic
She began using the Phyt’s range herself, then introduced it in her clinic — getting rid of the chemical ranges.


“I felt honest with my clients. I knew I had a product I could be present and honest with and they would notice visible results.


“It made a huge difference on the way I approached people, made me a lot more confident knowing my product is based on the best ingredients— with its 100% natural source and organic plant ingredients, no chemicals.


Safe & effective
I knew that people would walk away with a safe and effective product. I strongly believe in Phyt’s product.”


“Feel good, look good, that’s the attitude I want to see people adopt when using Phyt’s skin care, body care and dietary supplements.”


Before using Phyt’s beauty care, Isabelle had been worried about the amount to which she was being exposed to dangerous chemicals by using them in her workplace every day.




Phyt's Laboratory South of France


Created in 1972 in the South of France, by a naturopathic biologist, the Phyt’s laboratories have developed an original savoir-faire dedicated to beauty.


From the early days, Phyt’s has been committed to producing natural beauty care, and for some years now, has been making organic potions which are certified by Ecocert (France) and carrying the Cosmebio label.  The Cosmebio label was created by Phyt’s and a small group of other French laboratories that were seeking a genuine Organic cosmetic industry. The Cosmebio label is verified by Ecocert and Qualite de France.


Genuinely organic, No chemicals
Phyt’s organic certification means that unlike some other skin care products that claim to be

organic but are not certified, the Phyt’s products have had to conform to strict standards.  


Parabens in other products
Some deodorants labelled organic still contain parabens, and parabens in deodorants have been implicated in breast cancer (
see story).


Phyt's: 95% plant ingredients organic
Phyt’s are completely free of synthetic ingredients, contain 100 per cent natural ingredients, 95 per cent of plant ingredients come from organic agriculture, they are not tested on animals, and are free of GMOs, parabens, preservatives and colourants.


No added perfume
They are also free from perfume, other than that arising from the essential oils they contain — a delicate, fresh fragrance.


All this makes Phyt’s safe to use, but they are also effective, she says.


The Phyti’ssima intense nutrition range, for instance, which contains omega 3 and omega 6 acids from argan and hemp, is effective on the most dry/sensitive skins. Isabelle said it also works for eczema.


Feeding the skin
“You are straight away feeding the skin with natural organic ingredients, which means quicker results,” says Isabelle.


Natural smell, preservative free
She likes that Phyt’s products are free of preservatives, their stability coming from essential oils.
“I like the freshness and the natural smell, not artificial.”


“The Phyt’s packaging is ecological meaning that they are not polluting our beautiful planet. They are produced with respect for nature.”



Health & beauty indivisible
Furthermore, the skin care range is complemented with the nutritional supplement range, aimed at creating beauty from the inside out.


“What we’ve got inside is reflected on the outside. We, in this modern generation, are eating lots of processed food, and lots of chemicals are going onto fruit and vegetables. The body gets saturated and it’s got to have help. We don’t get as much vitamins as people used to eat.


The drainage/detox range of supplements helps clean your body, while Vitalite contains 11 vitamins and 11 minerals, and trace elements — everything needed for each day. 


Natural Slimming
Other supplements are aimed at slimming: helping to curb cravings for sugar and control the appetite, at firming the body, at helping to relieve the bloating that comes from allergies and rich food, and at relieving water retention.







Where to get Phyt’s


If you would like to try the Phyt’s products or find out more about the range, please email Isabelle of Abelle Beauty Ltd at


A starter or travel kit is available for $67.65, which is ideal for people wanting to try out the products.


More products can be viewed at the Phyt's website,


Others give vitamin C support, which can benefit smokers, or they help with premenstrual syndrome, circulation or to protect against free radicals.


Wrinkles and Ageing
With wrinkles and ageing being of concern to many seeking beauty, the Reviderm range aimed at healing the damage caused by pollution and at reducing wrinkles has a supplement for internal use, which can be used in conjunction with the Reviderm cremes, serums and masques which are used on the skin — thus allowing an holistic approach to wrinkle worries! (See top of page for more info on
Creme Reviderm and Masque Reviderm)


Phyts produces over 100 products so it is impossible to describe them all here.  Suffice to say that the whole body is given attention, and new products are being created each year.


For cellulite, and excessive localised fat there is a spiced cream with a circulatory and draining action called Minceur Nuit, which can be used at night — and it works, says Isabelle.

Used alongside the slimming supplements, a natural holistic approach to slimming — in conjunction with a good diet and exercise — is possible. (See below for Minceur Jour and Minceur Nuit)


Deophyts deodorant, paraben & aluminium free 

Bio underarm deodorant

No chemical preservatives — No paraben — No aluminium — No colorant — No alcohol — No perfume — Not tested on animals .

Deophyt's protects the skin, purifying, refreshing and reducing perspiration. Suitable even for the most sensitive of skin. Deophyt's leaves you confident all day, in all circumstances and respects your health and beauty. 100ml Spray: Retail $33.45 

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Phyt'ssima Face Care, Phyt'ssima Body Care


Face Care - restoring, oil replenishing, protects and repairs, soothes and calms very dry, irritated and reactive skins. Nourishes and relieves itchy, red inflamation due to extremely dry cracked skin. Temporarily suppresses pain and discomfort even in extremely cold weather. 98.6% of plant ingredients from organic agriculture, 35.4% of total ingredients organic, 100% ingredients natural origin. 40 ml tube. Retail $74.45

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Body Care - relieves and soothes very dry skin. Nourishes and hydrates itchy, red inflammation due to cutaneous dryness Very useful for legs, arms and the rest of the body. 98.2% of plant ingredients from organic agriculture, 26.9% of total ingredients organic, 100% ingredients natural origin. 40 ml tube. Retail $81.95

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for cellulite and localised fat

Minceur Jour

Lipo-reducer and firming gel with green tea and guarana. Refreshing and tonic action will be felt on your skin all day. You will feel better in yourself. Aqua, Alcohol    , glycerin (naturalle), Menthol    , Lavandula hybrida    , Xanthan gum, Paullinia cupana (Guarana), Spiraea ulmaria, Equisetum arvense    , Citrus limonum    , Camellia sinensis, Salvia officinalis    , Chlorophyllin magnesium complex (chlorophylle).     95% of vegetal ingredients organic, 23% of total ingredients organic, 100% of ingredients natural origin. 200ml tube. Retail $67.05.

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Minceur Nuit

Spiced cream with cirulatory and draining action during the night. With cypress and cinnamon, helps blood circulation and erases excessive localised fat and cellulite. Your figure will be slimmer. Aqua, Helianthus annus    , Cetearyl alcohol, Cetearyl glucoside, cinnamomum zeylanicum    , Cupressus sempervirens    , Cedrus atlantica    ,  Myrtus communis    , Lavandula hybrida    , Capsicum frutescens.         99% of vegatal ingredients organic, 19% of total ingredients organic, 100% ingredients natural origin. 200ml tube. Retail $67.05

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The Naturo-Beautician

The holistic approach Phyt’s takes to its products is extended to the idea of the naturo-beautician, a beauty therapist whose role it is to give complete and personalised care.


After adopting Phyt’s products,  Isabelle trained as a naturo-beautician and is now responsible for training new natural beauticians in New Zealand.


New Outlets

Recognising that not everybody goes to beauty clinics, Isabelle is also looking for health stores and perhaps naturopaths, to stock Phyt’s so that people who go to naturopaths or prefer to go and buy their own beauty products can also obtain them.


The fact that the Phyt’s beauticians take a natural approach to beauty and use natural products makes them stand out from the usual beautician.


Not only are they aware of the dangers of chemicals but they also realise that they themselves are at a higher risk of cancers, because they are working with the products all day every day, says Isabelle.


The Phyt’s naturo-beauticians can offer people “a care in which human contact and manual technique are primordial”, says Phyt’s.


Visible Beauty Result
Trained and in regular contact with Phyt’s, these beauticians can offer a pleasant moment when relaxation combines with care to give a visible beauty result, both immediate and long lasting, they say.


They are able to advise on the right product for each person, offering all their savoir-faire – a quickness to know and do the right thing.


Nutritional Advice
They offer personalised nutritional advice, and body care in accord with your personality and morphology. There are over a 1000 of these naturo-beauticians in France.


“She offers you care which is constantly different and follows your evolution of balance through various stages before any specific care is applied. This is a profoundly wise method, constructed with proven effect.”


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There are over 100 Phyt's products with new ones being introduced every year. If you would like more information about the other products please email Isabelle, of Abelle Beauty Ltd at

Also visit the Phyt's website at www.phyt'




The following advertisements are not placed by Organic Pathways and are not necessarily organic