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A mild winter brings things full circle

by Darcy Robinson
A Gardener's Diary
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This is definitely the mildest winter we’ve had since we’ve been here - east coast, mid South Island of New Zealand - while there have been a few cold grey days we’ve had some lovely warm weather, even a few hot Norwest days.

It’s far more like a summer than summer was. As a result we are still getting a few tomatoes from the glasshouse and enough salad greens for our needs into the start of winter. We’re still picking the last of the pears and apples and have been stewing and freezing as many as possible.

Our potatoes lasted till about mid winter and we had a little silver beet and pak choi for greens. The late sowing of carrots didn’t pan out but we were still harvesting some from our spring sowing till about mid winter. We’ve got some brassicas in for our spring veges.

Growing broad beans through winter frosts
There have been some hard frosts which got the broad beans but when this happened last year they resprouted and still gave us a pretty early crop.

The best vegetables we’ve had this winter are all the yams that self sprouted in the garden. We have had a really good crop of nice-tasting, reasonable size ones which I have just been digging as needed.

Aphids in winter
My herbs have had a hard time with my last remaining rosemary plants both dying this winter (not sure why), and though I have a few different plantings of chives the ones in the bath tub on the deck had an attack of aphids when the weather was warmer and didn’t recover to give us our usual winter supply.

Another four seasons gone and soon time to start the process all over again which is something I always look forward to - a chance to have another go and see if you can do better.


black aphids

The following advertisements are not placed by Organic Pathways and are not necessarily organic