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A wet cold summer means slow growth

by Darcy Robinson
A Gardener's Diary
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We had a very wet cold summer and while the rain meant little or no watering, my tomatoes and french beans really struggled.

A baby girl arrived on December 30. Gardening? What gardening? Well, she definitely slowed things down.

Scarlet runner beans

The other gardening variable of the season was a delayed start due to the late frost and little sun or warm weather for ripening, itís not looking good for a bumper crop this year. It has however not been too bad for salad greens as they havenít bolted or gone bitter as they usually do when it heats up in summer. I have been trying to collect as much of my own seed as possible this year and have so far collected mizuna, parsley, broccoli, radish and peas.

We had a reasonable crop of peas, all of which get eaten fresh and dug our first new potatoes in late December. They have lasted us all summer without starting on the main crop. 

I also sowed Italian Parsley seed direct mid spring and these have really taken off. The Scarlet runner beans havenít done so well this season, the vines grew well but the crop was less than last year.

The artichokes from last season regrew, as they do, and rather than eating the globe shaped buds this year, I kept them for their flowers which are quite spectacular. The huge, purple, unusual looking flowers added interest and colour to the garden.

The following advertisements are not placed by Organic Pathways and are not necessarily organic