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The NEW Complete Book of SELF-SUFFICIENCY -
The classic guide for realists and dreamers
John Seymour
Penguin Books


An updated edition to the well known ‘The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency’ first published in 1976, this book is packed full of useful information. 

It seems to cover every possible aspect of self-sufficiency; the meaning of self sufficiency, the vegetable garden, animals, wild food, working in the fields, in the kitchen, in the dairy, brewing and wine-making, energy and waste and crafts. 

New material includes ethical living, power generation plus tips on how to make the move to self-sufficiency.

Urban garden to 5 acre plot
The book first discusses self-sufficiency generally and gives ideas on how this can be achieved from the urban garden to a 5 acre plot with illustrations to give a sense of potential lay outs. 

The vegetable garden section covers deep beds, sowing, planting, growing methods, pests and disease, vegetable, herb and fruit growing guides and a season by season garden guide. 

The animal section gives individual information on cows, goats, pigs, sheep, poultry, rabbits, bees and honey covering different aspects of keeping each animal right down to killing and butchering. 

Toilets to mushrooms
Other topics covered in various sections of the book are irrigation, growing grains, wild mushrooms, dyeing and weaving, dry toilets among many others to numerous to mention.

Things to consider
The final chapter delves into things it may be wise to consider when becoming self-sufficient from buying the land, creating communities of like minded people and financial issues. 

This is followed by a list of useful contacts, websites, reading material and a glossary of terms.

Large and hard covered this book contains over 300 pages of diverse information.  Attractive and well laid out it includes many colourful illustrations.  Essential reading for those considering a change to self-sufficiency. 

RRP $65.00. Penguin Books


The following advertisements are not placed by Organic Pathways and are not necessarily organic