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New Zealand residents and businesses can stake their claim for a GE free environment via a New Zealand GE free environment register and send a legal letter to neighbours within an 8km radius advising them of the risks of planting GE crops.

The register records the position of every property in the country whose owners or managers will not accept any risk of contamination on their property from GE crops grown on neighbouring properties. The criteria for a "neighbouring property" is any property within the foraging range of bees, currently set at 8km on advice from the National Beekeepers Association of New Zealand.

The register holds the following information.
. .

  • Contact details of the owner/manager of the property
  • Number of residents at the property
  • Map co-ordinates of the property.
  • Size of the property.
  • Affiliations, Bio-gro, WWOOF etc

    An interactive New Zealand map is being filled in with corresponding "no go"
    areas around each property. These "no go" areas are represented on the
    map by a green 8km radius circle. The aim is to cover the country with
    so many "no go" areas that it will be clearly demonstrated to the Government
    that it will be futile for them to attempt to allow GE crops to be planted
    anywhere in the country.

    The GE free register map can be used as a tool to pressure Local and
    Regional Councils and the Government to declare New Zealand as a GE free
    environment. The map (but not the register) will also be made available for
    the media.

Who can register:

  • Farmers, both conventional and organic whose livelihood is threatened by New
    Zealand losing it¹s Clean Green image through allowing GE crops to be grown
  • Individuals who do not want GE pollen contaminating their vegetable or
    flower gardens.
  • Businesses who for whatever reason do not wish to have GE crops grown in New

    How people can register.

    Go to the and follow the registration procedure.

    Donations can be made to "GE Free register", PO Box 1803, Whangarei. Contact: Chris Bone, Phone 09 4344 066

The following advertisements are not placed by Organic Pathways and are not necessarily organic