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New Zealand

Action & info

Giant Experiment  - Giant Experiment is a network of people committed to providing clear and accurate information to the GE debate. It supports New Zealand being GE-Free in food and the environment.  Sign up for their free fortnightly newsletter.

GE Free Food Guide Greenpeace's database of 1165 food product brands sold in New Zealand. Each item has a green, amber or red classification with an associated fact sheet giving the manufacturer's policy on GE. Fourth edition available.

GE Free Northland (in Food & Environment) GE news and info plus links.

Greenpeace NZ GE Free campaign info  

The People's Moratorium - the continuing campaign to keep New Zealand's food and environment GE Free. This is a portal site linking to key action websites such as Greenpeace, Mothers Against Genetic Engineering (MAdGE), GE Free New Zealand, Take 5, and the GE Free Register.

GE Free NZ in Food and Environment (Rage Inc): is a non-profit organisation with branches in the Kapiti Coast, Dunedin, Christchurch, Nelson, Wellington, Hawkes Bay, Taupo and Auckland.

Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Genetics "Biotechnology has made important advances adding much of value to our scientific heritage. However, the technology of genetic engineering is seriously flawed." The organisation produces an Information Pack which it sends by mail.

Sustainability Council of NZ Chaired by Sir Peter Elworthy, the Council’s aims to protect and enhancing New Zealand’s ecosystems, the health of New Zealanders, and the country's ability to derive income from established land uses. News and publications plus an extensive links section covering Advocacy, Crown Research Institutes, Farming, Government and Regulatory, Information Sites on GM release, International Organisations on GM release issues, International Regulatory
Science Associations, Science Journals and Trade Associations

Governmental, Regulatory, etc

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ): Formerly ANZFA. FSANZ develops food standards for composition, labelling and contaminants, for all foods including GE food, produced or imported for sale in Australia and New Zealand. Note: ANZFA oversees GE food (e.g. something made from fruit) while ERMA (see below) oversees GE organisms (e.g. the fruit itself).

Environmental Risk Management Authority : makes decisions on applications to introduce hazardous substances (HS) or new organisms (NO) including genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry, New Zealand . Use search function to find out what MAF think.

NZ Trade and Enterprise The Government’s trade and economic development agency. See its Biotechnology Task Force where it looks at how best to develop the Biotechnology sector.

Pro GE

NZBio : An incorporated society representing the NZ biotechnology sector

GeneWatch is "an independent organisation concerned with the ethics and risks of genetic engineering. It questions how, why and whether the use of genetic technologies should proceed."

GM Nation: The Public Debate Find out more about the issues surrounding GE and the findings of a debate that took place in 2003.

Institute of Science and Technology : Science, Society, Sustainability. Substantial scientific articles by Dr Mae-Han Wo and others. Includes a GE FAQs page in the Biotechnology section.

Will GM crops deliver benefits to farmers? Natural Law Party Wessex. GE from a farming perspective. Indepth information.

United States

Mothers for Natural Law say "Genetic engineering is the largest food experiment in the history of the world." The site includes a database of suppliers of non-GE ingredients for manufacturers.

Union of Concerned Scientists is "a national nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing responsible public policies in areas where technology plays a critical role." In this section of their site they provide information on GE and an online version of their newsletter "The Gene Exchange." Click on Biotechnology.


The Ecologist - Rethinking Basic Assumptions: The dangers of globalisation, the real reasons behind climate change, the threat of corporate power, the risks of GM food, the truth about global cancer - just some of the issues we regularly cover.  

Greenpeace International GE overview.

Monsanto : Bringing GE to a paddock near you.

Monsanto vs Schmeiser Website of Percy Schmeiser, the Canadian farmer whose Canola fields were contaminated with Monsanto's Round-Up Ready Canola and then subjected to a lawsuit by Monsanto over payment of their Technology Fee. Monsanto's position was that it didn't matter whether Schmeiser knew or not that his canola field was contaminated with the gene he still had to pay.

Physicians and Scientists for the Responsible Application of Technology This website contains a scientific introduction to GE written in an easy to understand way.

The Naked Scietists On-line say GE has many applications so generalisations about the whole technology are difficult.  


Biotenz BIOTENZ is a group of NZ businesses involved in biotechnology, and is supported by Trade New Zealand

Biosphere NZ Set up by the NZ biotech industry and listing every biotechnology company and research institute in New Zealand.

Life Sciences Network Welcoming GE to NZ.


Network of Concerned Farmers an Australia wide network of conventional and organic farmers who are concerned about the economic, environmental and social impacts of genetically modified crops.



The following advertisements are not placed by Organic Pathways and are not necessarily organic