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Directory of Certified Organic Inputs

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The following advertisements are not placed by Organic Pathways and are not necessarily organic

In response to ongoing feedback from organic producers, BioGro (New Zealand’s largest organic certifier), has published its first Directory of Certified Organic Inputs for Producers.

”Sourcing BioGro-certified organic inputs has until recently been a challenging task for producers. Our new directory of inputs provides organic businesses with user-friendly information needed for compliance with our high organic standards” says BioGro’s CEO, Dr Michelle Glogau.

Information in the 30 page directory is quick to access, she said. The front half lists an extensive range of organic inputs (by type of input e.g. fertiliser, seeds, cleaners) in alphabetical order. Products are listed by active ingredient or main ingredient followed by brand name.

For example if a producer is looking for fish fertiliser products currently certified by BioGro, they can check under ‘F’ for ‘Fish Fertilisers’ to see all the brands containing that input, along with the manufacturer’s/supplier’s name. The back half of the directory lists the manufacturer’s/supplier’s contact details.

Over 1000 organic inputs are featured in the directory – all of which are currently certified under BioGro’s Organic Input Certification Programme. Inputs include: fertilisers, crop protectants, seeds and planting stock, livestock products and facility management products such as sanitisers and cleaners. Each input is allowed to be used in BioGro certified operations.

“The directory gives producers certainty around inputs for the season ahead i.e. if an input is listed in the current directory, it can be used in their organic production”, Dr Glogau comments. “It’s also a great opportunity to promote those manufacturers and suppliers that have made the commitment to be certified-organic by us”.

While the directory is aimed primarily at organic producers, John Morris of natural fertiliser company Agrissentials NZ Limited also sees the directory as a significant and influential resource for conventional farmers. “It is going to make it easier for conventional farmers to source organic inputs. Many conventional farmers are keen to change (their inputs) but don't know what alternatives are out there”.

Home gardeners interested in organics will also find the directory useful.

This week a free copy of the new directory has been distributed to all BioGro-certified producers throughout New Zealand. For those not BioGro-certified, it is available for $28.70 including GST and postage: email directory will be published annually.

A not-for-profit incorporated society, BioGro is New Zealand’s largest organic certifier with almost 700 licensees and over 1000 certified operations. It issues organic certificates to primary producers, food processors, wholesalers, distributors and retailers, exporters and importers, input manufacturers and service providers, and others involved in textiles, health and body care products.

The following advertisements are not placed by Organic Pathways and are not necessarily organic