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Organic Advertising FAQs

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The following advertisements are not placed by Organic Pathways and are not necessarily organic

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Why would I advertise my business on Organic Pathways?
Organic Pathways receives on average 30,000 visits per month (that’s about 7500 visits per week), or an average of 787,250 hits per month.

Organic Pathways attracts a niche audience, often people coming from search engines specifically looking for information on organics and related topics so your advertising is directed at the right people.  Over half of our visits (about 62% per month) are from New Zealand.

Why would I choose to advertise on Organic Pathways over other websites?

Organic Pathways has been online since 1998 and was one of the first websites to concentrate specifically on organics in New Zealand.

Consequently, Organic Pathways has gained a good position on search engine results - in the top 1 to 5 on a number of organic search terms on and MSN search - which means we are easy to find on the internet, and can share that top position with our advertisers.

(Try searching on using the word organic - we come up No. 1)

Getting your website found on the huge online world of the web (we’re talking billions of web pages out there) can be a difficult and daunting task but we can solve that problem for you. 

If you are advertising with us, you can be sure our website has the visitor numbers (ave. 30,000 per month) to back it up, so we are offering real value for money. 

We attract a majority of visitors from New Zealand but also attract visitors from overseas for those interested in promoting their product overseas.

We understand organics and holism, we understand the internet and we understand the media.

Organic Pathways consists of articles and information, the Organic Directory NZ and the 

News and Information : Organic Pathways provides informative articles, columns, how-to and human interest stories as well as current news articles.  The site is being regularly updated and added to, ensuring a good proportion of return visits. Advertising opportunities on these pages include display (banner) advertising, and also advertising features which stay online for up to six months. 

Organic Directory NZ : The website includes a directory of over 500 businesses selling organic and related goods and services. This is a well-used resource attracting regular users, and advertising opportunities range from free basic listings to high profile, prominent listings. : The Organic Market, which receives good traffic, is the place to sell organic products online. A number of online shops are already set up on the market, selling a range of items, and businesses can choose between two storefront options. 

There is something for everyone interested in, wanting more information on or wanting to source organic products on our website.

Organic Pathways also supports non-profit organisations with free extended directory listings and free storefronts on the for any non-profit organisations who sell online.

Why should I advertise on the Internet?
The internet is a new and exciting information medium, offering new ways of interacting with your customers - for instance, online shopping. 

Increasing numbers of people are becoming internet connected, and if people have an organic question that needs answering, they refer to our website time and again for the answers.

Many of those who come to our site are new to organics and are actively looking for products, needing information, and wanting to find out where they can buy organic.

Unlike a daily newspaper which is read once and then discarded, or magazines which use up storage space and do not come with a search function, the information on Organic Pathways is easily accessible, ensuring people use our service, time and again.

Advertising features, for instance, stay online for six months, and can be updated with new info over that time. In the case of trade expos, we have added programmes and new info as the Expo date approached. Display ads can be taken out for any length of time - short sharp bursts or long slow cookers.

Our prices are very competitive with the other advertising options available.

Another advantage in advertising with us is the interactive nature of the web. If your advertising includes a web or e-mail link customers can seize the instant, and view your website or contact you on the spot - rather then having to record details, file them and remember them for a later date when their interest may well have cooled. 

What can the do for my online shop?
Getting your website found on the huge online world of the web (we’re talking billions of web pages out there) can be a difficult and daunting task. 


Organic Pathways is consistently ranked in the Top 10 sites (by visits) in the Hitwise Shopping and Classifieds - Grocery and Alcohol category against other New Zealand websites.

Through a storefront on the you can gain traffic to your online shop from Organic Pathways high visitor numbers - and not just any traffic, Organic Pathways brings targeted online traffic to your shop both from New Zealand and overseas (62 per cent NZ).

There is also strength in numbers - the more shops on our market (along with listings in our directory), the more the shoppers. Bringing organic and related online shops together in one place allows customers a one stop organic shopping option on the net, and in a busy world doing your shopping in one spot, and having it delivered, is an attractive time saving option.

It can also mean that instead of 20 different cars driving to the shop, each containing one shopper, fewer vehicles are involved in shopping delivery. ratecard.

Online Shopping Facts and Figures?

  • Roughly half of online shoppers conduct research on a search engine before making an online purchase. Consumers search before buying online By Rob McGann,
  • Increasing numbers of regular internet users in New Zealand are shopping online - Neilsen/NetRatings 
  • Most online consumers (59 percent) begin their shopping searches on aggregator sites, like Organic Pathways, rather than merchant sites. This represents a 13% rise since late 2002, when the majority went straight to merchant sites. Rob McGann

Why would I choose an Advertising Feature?
An Advertising Feature gives your business or product a prime position on the Organic Pathways website, cultivates an interest which increases the chance your name will be remembered, and gives you an opportunity to get people thinking about your products and the opportunities for using them - and ours are written so as to avoid boring our visitors with too much advertising speak.

Let your product or business speak for itself.  They also have the ability to click the link to your website or e-mail link if they want to contact you.  Unlike a magazine or newspaper advertising feature your story remains on Organic Pathways for six months. For more info.


How would a display advertisement on Organic Pathways benefit my business or product?

Display advertising, by its repetitive nature, gives you the opportunity to stamp your brand image on the customer's mind, so that when they are shopping, and mentally filtering out much of what they see - because its too much information to process - your brand won't be filtered out because it is familiar and has become, or is on the way to becoming, part of their shopping repertoire and routine.

Making your brand recognisable means your product will stand out among the zillions of other items being offered for sale.

Taking out a display advertisement with Organic Pathways enables you to choose the number of times your ad will be seen, and over what period of time.

You pay per view, so you pay only for the number of times you ad is seen. If you want your ad to be seen exactly 2000 times per week, you have exactly that level of control over its visibility.

The display ads can be linked to a website, advertising feature on Organic Pathways, or email link, so that people can instantly find out more information, or contact you directly. It may be that they have already had your brand in mind, and on seeing your ad on Organic Pathways, are able to ask a question they have had, such as "Where do I order your products?" or "Do you supply such and such?"  For more info, email



Why do I need a Premium or extended listing for my business on the Organic Pathways Directory?

Traffic highly qualified According to an article by Mark Sceats on the vizmarketing website ‘numerous surveys have shown that search engines and directories are the most popular method to find websites.’  and that the ‘…traffic …..directories deliver to websites is highly qualified because users are actively searching for the information.’

Nearly 28 percent of traffic to shopping sites came from search engines and directories (Robyn Greenspan article)

With over 500 NZ organic and related businesses already listed on the directory, you will be in good company. An extended listing will give you a higher page ranking and greater visibility then a free basic entry. 

Extended listings Extended listings allow visitors to Organic Pathways to e-mail or click directly through to your website immediately rather then trying to search for a web address for your business, or worse clicking through to someone else’s website. You can also tell them exactly what it is you sell or do and where they can get your products from. These extended listings start from only $12 per annum!

Premium Listings Premium Listings promote your business to the top, with the other Premium listings in your category. Not only that but they also appear in the top bunch in the other categories you have chosen.

Our rates compare very favourably to monthly magazines and daily newspapers, but with us your business can be found on the web for a whole year - it's there whenever someone is looking for a product or service like yours - at a time that suits the customer.   For more info.


How are our  search engine placings of value for  your website?

Organic Pathways has gained a good position on search engine results - in the top 1 to 5 on a variety of organic search terms on and MSN NZ search - which means we are easy to find on the internet, and can share that top position with our advertisers.

Getting your website found on the huge online world of the web (we’re talking billions of web pages out there) can be a difficult and daunting task but we can solve that problem for you. Our advertising products - display advertising, advertising features, organic market storefronts all come with the option of a web link. You can also purchase a web link from us with a directory listing for only $25 per annum, while classifieds on the Organic Trader start at only $3.50 per fortnight. 

Stats More then 80% of internet users rely on search engines and directories as their preferred method for locating websites (GVU 10th www user survey,  on vizmarketing website by Mark Sceats)

Traffic search engines and directories deliver to websites is highly qualified because users are actively searching for the information. 

A report by Forrester Research stated “search engines reach valuable, motivated, and ready customers…’

The majority of web users search the web every day (57%)

People rarely go beyond the top 30 or so results listed from a search. In fact, these first pages get over 90% of search traffic and the top 10 results receive nearly 80% more traffic then those in positions 11-30 achieve. The web search workshop. 


What exactly are your advertising products and services? 

Please tell us what you have in mind, or what your current needs are so we can help direct you to the service/s which best suit your needs.
We can accommodate any level of advertising spend as our items begin at just $12 per annum and extend to high profile options. 
A listing in the directory is highly recommended.
If you would like, we can come up with a package deal for you to help maximise your profile on our website and also your savings.
Do you offer discounts and packages?

Examples of package deals are:

  1. Display ad plus advertising feature : 6 months display ad @ 6000 views per month + design and set up $1200 + GST 
    AND an advertising feature online for 6 months $450 + GST = TOTAL: $1650 + GST ( save $400 ).
  2. Premium Directory listing plus advertising feature :
    Premium listing @ $28 + GST per month for 12 months = $336 + GST  AND Advertising Feature @ $550 + GST =
    TOTAL $886 ( save $300 )
  3. Display ad plus Premium Directory Listing
    Display ad 6000 views per month for 12 months plus design and set up  = $2280 + GST with a 20 per cent discount = $1824 + GST
    AND Premium listing @ $28 + GST per month for 12 months = $336 + GST
    TOTAL $2160 + GST ( save $480 )

To order any of the above packages


The following advertisements are not placed by Organic Pathways and are not necessarily organic