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The following advertisements are not placed by Organic Pathways and are not necessarily organic

Your story stays on-line for six months                       

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Imagine telling a prospective customer about your product and having them totally absorbed because they're genuinely interested.

Remember those stories you've read, about an established or new product or business, which have inspired you rather than lost your interest within seconds? 

How do you get people interested in your products or services?

Why do some businesses get all the best stories, attract a kind of glamour and get talked about?

We can help you start the process happening for your business.


Price: $NZ990 + GST.

A 10 per cent discount applies to any advertising feature paid in advance by credit card.

A good read
         Imagine your story in the form of an article which comes over as a good read - a positive, upbeat story about your business, products or services but one which has the dignity of a real story rather than a page full of advertising speak which everyone has heard a million times before applied to a million other products.

We can use our journalistic expertise to tell your story in a way that will inspire people to read it - perhaps because of a strong human interest angle, or because the venture is enterprising and creative - or because it provides useful information, for instance, natural health advice or how a product can be used in recipes.

This is why our advertising features are a rewarding way to get the word out about your organic product or service.

Subtle stylish advertising         Our features are essentially a subtle way to advertise, in dignity and style - where the power of the story sells the product, where people want to buy because it sounds so good, not because we have hit them with the hard sell.

Think of the people who routinely mentally filter out ads because its not information they want to absorb.

Easy to remember         But think of the times youíve read a story about a business, product or service that you read simply because it was a good story. It may have inspired you in many different ways. The product or service more than likely stayed in your mind along with all the details you needed to track it down Ė and thatís if you didnít cut it out (or print it out) and pin it on your fridge or file it.

Story intro on home page          For the first month, a link to your story will be listed with our other main stories on the home page. The story link will also be placed on our main section pages, eg Household, Business, Community or Garden.

Six monthís mileage              Unlike advertising features in a newspaper for instance, which appear for only one day and are then consigned to the recycling, on Organic Pathways, your story will be read for months. After the first month, it will nestle among our other stories for another five months, linked to from the main section pages (Garden, Business, etc) and also from the sitemap.

Search engine                   When visitors to our website (26,000 visits per month) use our search page for a query that relates to your story, it will come up (based on keywords). When people enter search terms in the major search engines, eg, that relate to your story, it increases your chances of being found, because search engines send people to our website.


Advertising Feature Specifics

  • Story length: On average 500-1000 words
  • Price includes 2 photos or images (you supply or we find a suitable illustration from our files).
  • Stories appear for six months:

    First month:
     - Link and intro to story positioned on the home page
    - Link and intro to story positioned among the top 3 stories on a section page, ie Garden, Household, Business, Community.

    From 2nd month: 
    - Link and intro to story continues to appear on our website for a further five months

In addition:

  • The story will include a link to your website or email address along with other contact details and a list of up to 10 places where your product can be sourced.
  • Story content gathered by a professional feature writer (with your help)
  • The price includes one rewrite if you want to change anything
  • Extra images $50 each
  • Extra pages by negotiation
  • Linked to our website search engine


Price: $NZ990 + GST.
A 10 per cent discount applies to any advertising feature paid in advance by credit card. 

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Other ways to advertise on-line with Organic Pathways and take advantage of our 26,000 visits a month.


The following advertisements are not placed by Organic Pathways and are not necessarily organic