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House Flies
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House Flies
Hi there ChCh polytechnic - I hope you can help me: Can you suggest what combination of herbs I can use to deter the common household fly?? I have plenty of organic herbs growing in the garden, but have been unable to locate a recipe on how to use them for this purpose. Thanks!

They breed fast where they find food, decaying organic matter and optimal temperature. The first thing to do is keep away material that is food and breeding material such as food scraps, grass clippings, etc.

Different deterrents to houseflies are:

  • Orange, lemon, pine, juniper, laurel, evergreen and cedar-oils
  • Pepper tree berries and leaves, hop wines. Let them grow close to the house.
  • Citronella, cedar wood, lavender and geranium extracts.
  • two per cent emulsion of basil and avocado oil
  • Garlic extracts
  • Pyrethrum
  • The roots of the American cornflower kills them.


From Pest-repellent Plants by Penny Woodwind (ISBN: 1864470283). Also try

  • Lemon ironwood, frost sensitive and full sun, hang leaves in bunches near doorways and windows
  • Elder, all climates, hang leaves in bunches near doorways.
  • Camphor tree, frost tender, shrub, hang bunches of leaves near doorways.
  • Yarrow, rubbing leaves directly, make an extract by soaking in oil.


Hi....i hope this will be of some help to you. I live in Temuka and have
been looking at ways to deter flies using herbs. The best i have come up
with so far is.....Sweet Basil (Ocimum Basilicum) . Grown in a pot and
placed near a doorway will help deter the little buggers.


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