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Possums eat nearly all our vegetables. Can you suggest effective ways to keep them out? Fencing? I gather they can jump 1.5 metres vertically. Our interim solution is to take an old watertank (walls nearly 1.5m high), remove the top, knock a hole in the bottom (for drainage), fill with weeds (to compost) and turn into a garden which the possums can't reach (we hope).
Geoff Dembo

Besides shooting, trapping or fencing, or maybe buying a suitable dog, the only other option would be to sprinkle cremated possum ashes around. Maybe try ferret or weasel dung. Continuously trapping or a dog as a deterrent may be your only organic options.

NB: Anyone with any suggestions is welcome to contact Geoffrey - send Organic Pathways a copy as well and we'll print it here for the benefit of others.

Try Fish Fertiliser
Hi Geoff, just read your question to organic pathways re possum control.
I make and sell fish fertiliser, it is an extremely smelly but effective
product, several of my customers over the last few years have reported that
possum damage has been virtually eliminated if my fish has been used on a
regular basis. One lady in particular who grows roses and lives next to a
forestry block swears that since she has used it (4th year now) the possums
don't come near her garden. On my own farm I certainly have possums but
damage is neglible. You are welcome to get in touch.

Regards Andrew

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