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Yellow flowers, Kaikoura Range
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Best Place to Farm
Dear Holger We are very fresh to the organic world but would like to move our family to Karamea or Nelson and begin organic farming. Would you recommend these areas and which crops do best down there? We would have about $180,000 to buy any places you know of. Thank You.

There are by far more certified organic growers in the Nelson area than on the West Coast. Maybe this is telling you something. The West Coast’s high rainfall is somewhat limiting. But of course it depends on what you want to do and grow and there are definitely different micro climates. It is difficult to generalise. You could advertise in BIO GRO News (PO Box 9693, Wellington), Soil and Health Magazine or Growing Today for places. Obtain a list of certified growers from BIO GRO for those areas and check what is gown there. Visit the area and have a good look around. Chat to the locals. Hope this helps!

Reader feedback:  I have lived and grown the following vegetables in excellent condition organically without spray and watering:  lettuces, elephant garlic and silver beet.  The problem is transportation to the market.  The local market is very small. Juliana.

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