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Curly Leaf on Fruit Trees
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Curly Leaf on Fruit Trees
I have a problem with curly leaf on my three Nectarine and one Peach, (two of the nectarines are not as bad, but they were struck from seed by my neighour, and I guess an older variety). They are young trees, they were planted four seasons ago. I have sprayed with copper since leaf drop (last autumn) till bud burst and beyond as per instuctions on the container - to no avail. I have heard that copper wire or copper nails inserted into the trunk can help. If this is so, what quantity and where? Is there anything else I can try?? Thanks your your help.
Dianne Bos

No information was found on copper wire or copper nails, but recommondations include feeding trees early in spring with high N foliar sprays or fertigation to roots, for optimum health and lush growth - healthy plant = disease protection - also pruning off any leaf curl as it appears to prevent spread over the tree.


Advice from Ron Browne, Meremere:

Iíve taken care of this problem whilst growing peaches in Auckland using two copper sprays and more importantly seaweed nutrient which I sprayed at seven day intervals.This seemed to take care of the problem and also the possibility of overwintering spores in the ground.

Also see this Answerfile query on curly leaf.

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