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Hill Country
Yellow flowers, Kaikoura Range
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Hill Country
What do you suggest is the best way to improve pasture fertility on hill country, too steep for machinery? Top dressing, B&B, seaweed meal seems too expensive, legumes (trees) seem to slow. The best I can do is some sort of fertigation system. Danke,
Dave & Hemana

Within organic systems steep hillsides are always problematical with regard to sustainability. You should consider whether pasture and grazing is appropriate. It might well be better to consider re-vegetation either with exotics/indigenous or a mix of both and with or without grazing. If grazing is continued then fertility can be enhanced by use of rock phosphates and limestone if necessary which will encourage clover growth which in turn will encourage grass growth. If K is a problem then potassic rock is available. Any other possible trace element problems can be similarly put right and certainly fish, seaweed solutions are useful for this. Obviously more information would be needed for a specific recommendation with possibly some soil analysis. The BIO-GRO organic standards book is a useful guide as to what is available within the constraints of Certified Organic land management. I hope these comments will help.

Reader's Feedback:

You could try planting contour lines with Vetiver grass.  book ISBN0-309-04269-0 or    If you are interested     I can give you the nz gurus name but I will haave to dig it out. Hope this is some help to you!  John hallinan        


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