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Scottish Quals & Queenstown Growing
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Scottish Quals & Queenstown Growing
I am a kiwi living in the UK. Over the last year I have become interested in organic farming and would like to follow this line of farming when I come home. As I am not looking at returning home to NZ for at least a few years yet ( I have fallen in love with Scotland you see. I would like to make the most of my time over here and am currently looking at studying a range of organic farming courses run by the Scotland agricultural collage in Aberdeen. They have all the usual courses. What I am interested in finding out is whether their qualifications would be recognised in NZ or would I have to restudy once I came home. Also I am coming home to NZ for six months next year and looking at buying five hectares in Queenstown. Would the extreme climate be suitable and if so how would I check that the land is suitable for commercial organic growing. In the UK you have to wait at least five years with no growing just letting the soil lay before it can be certified. Your help in these questions would be most helpful. thank-you P.S. How much does it cost to set up organic farming?
Rachael Kinch

The course at Aberdeen would be excellent and fully transferable to NZ. Queenstown is not an extreme climate compared to most of Scotland and some of the best Certified Organic Wines are now coming from Kawerau Gorge area. Land prices are extreme however in that boom town. Conversion of land in NZ to organic takes at least 3 years not five. This is the same in UK and meets the International Standards of IFOAM. Both UK and BIO-GRO are accredited by IFOAM. Hope these comments will help you.

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