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Compost and Antibiotics
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Compost and Antibiotics
I grow asparagus, certainly spray free but not classed as yet as organic. I would like to know of some good publications on making compost - lots of it, I also breed ostriches; the chicks bedding is sand which I had hoped to use on the asparagus but I am concerned that because some of the chicks this past season were sick that the sand/manure mix may contain bacteria (e-coli etc). Will the compost process take care of the antibiotic I had no option but to use and does this process also relate to other manures - eg pig, horse chicken etc where antibiotics or other medicines/drenches have been used? I would also like some info on herbal leys. Have done a bit of reading and there seems to be quite a variety of choices. We have an eyre stony silt loam, that dries off quickly in summer.
Chris K

Publications:  The Christchurch City Council Video on home composting (with Bob Crowder), Rodale's Book on Composting. There are so many, any good library will have several. What about doing a course on composting or organics at your nearest Polytechnic? I wouldn't recommend using the ostrich manure/sand mix straight. Hot composting will take care of the bacteria and will also help decompose the antibiotics. At least 60 degree Celsius for several days; turning will help to keep the compost hot. Good advice on herbal leys and possibly a source for purchasing is Waihi Bush (Simon/David Musgrave in Geraldine)

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