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Small Block Holder’s Certification
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Small Block Holder’s Certification
Mine is a simple question. I remember reading somewhere that a new system for classifying and registering the small block holder was about to be put into place this year. Do you know anything about this - or what is best for me to do? I will have a few acres in hazel nuts, potatoes etc and I would like to be registered organic in some way so that I can sell any surplus when the time comes. I actually have 40 acres in a river valley in the Wairarapa ( all organic) but 70% I am leaving to return to native bush (I'm planting a few natives to help the process) . We have native Pigeons, Bellbirds and Tuis etc that need nurturing. My reason for explaining this is to indicate that the area is large enough not to be affected by non-organic activities around us. Kind Regards
Emily Friedlander

Bio-Gro and Soil and Health are working on a small block holders' and group certification scheme.
According to Bio-Gro's plan, growers with an annual turnover of under $ 30,000 would qualify for the small block holder scheme. An annual fee of $400 is proposed, however it looks like the small block licensee will not be able to carry the full Bio-Gro label. There may well be changes made to the scheme in the development phase, it's probably best to contact Bio-Gro in Wellington and register your interest in this scheme. Soil and Health seems to be working on a group certification scheme for small growers, nothing concrete has been published yet.


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