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Organic Resources
I am a third year Teachers College student from Wellington. I am wanting to delve into organic farming as part of a research topic for my Environmental Education paper. I need a small bit of information to decide whether this topic is feasible to research. Can I please have some information on the following: Information on the science and understanding perspectives of organic farming, attitudes and values from different perspectives on organic farming (maybe some organisations I can contact for and against organic farming), who is responsible for the decision making involved with organic farming, gardening and how can I help more people be aware of organic farming? I would really appreciate your input, I plan to search the library, the Wellington City Council, MAF and the Green Party. Thanks so much for your cooperation.

In Europe the connection between organic farming and the environment is a lot more in the public consciousness than in New Zealand. Organic farming should be on the agenda of each Regional Council. Check the Proceedings/Abstracts of the last four or five IFOAM international scientific conferences for papers on organic farming and the environment. (IFOAM - International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements)

Nic Lampkin's book 'Organic Farming' is a very good start to understand organics. Also Soil and Health, Bio-Gro, Organic Products Exporters Group (OPEG),  Kids Edible Gardens KEG

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