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Yellow flowers, Kaikoura Range
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Hi What a good site!:-).I have a wire worm through all my garden, it is prolific. I have difficulty growing any root or tuber vege as they tunnel in and wreck the crop, HELP! I have read about mustard and sacrificial crops but?????? thanks Kat.

*Repellent Plants:  Grow white mustard, buckwheat and woad - these are considered to ward off wireworm

*thorough cultivation of affected areas

*growing of green manure crops - hence the buck wheat above. Also try red and white clover, vetch, comfrey; legume crops such as broadbeans, peas, lucerne. There are many types of crop good for green manure.

*potato traps - the sacrificial crop suggested


Readers' suggestions:

Hi, I noticed a few questions on wireworm. I use a 15oz tin can (old medium spag can), drill/punch holes (good old 4" nail) in it big enough for the worms to crawl in. Fill it with potato and carrot peelings, etc and place in the ground (same as dealing with snails etc). I got approx 100 first time. I don't have any more problems with them. I still have the odd can baited in the ground bit is its cheap and chem free.

I have used both crops of mustard and the tin can wire worm trap method. Both work to some degree, but have just had two crops of spuds on new site riddled with them using the straw mulch no dig method. After the first crop got ruined we planted mustard with the second and
got a great strike, but still the wire worms prevailed. Talked to an old timer who suggested we sprinkle 'flowers of sulphur' about as a repellent so we are about to do that. It acidifies the soil
so we will let it have some time to stink out the worms then sweeten the soil again with dolomite before the next crop. Errr ... I guess it's not so organic, but better than the truly toxic approach.



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