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I was recently at a Bio Gro information evening and a side comment on the use of sprays was brought up very briefly and I did not get the opportunity to ask about a clay called Bentonite. Would you elaborate on this material as a spray, properties, mix rates, etc, for myself and others that may be interested.

Bentonite is used for many different purposes - by organic and inorganic farmers and others. In all our research we never found it used as a spray! We contacted several people connected to Bio Gro but they had never heard of it used as a spray. So - we will tell you what it is used for. There may be other uses.

Bentonite is a clay with some special properties. It is an interesting material and "runs" in its solid state like water.

  • It is used as an additive to organic potting mix and organic fertilisers because of itís ability to hold on to nutrients. In pots, the addition of bentonite prevents excessive leaching of nutrients - specially nitrogen, out of containers. An organic fertiliser sold by Harry Low contains Bentonite, granite, basalt, rock phosphate and rock potash.
  • Bentonite molecules have a high surface area. They absorb water, swell up and become gel like. Because of this property, it is used to seal ponds.
  • It is added to compost so that earthworms can use it for the clay component of their clay-humus complex end product.
  • It is used as a white wine clarifier. Bentonite attracts particles in wine which sink to the bottom and the wine is poured off.
  • It is added to some chicken pellets, calf milk and meal and goat feed and has a beneficial dietary effect.
  • When taken internally as part of a fast, it can remove toxins in the body. Omega is a product made of bentonite, produced in Colgate, Canterbury.
  • It is also used as an additive in pottery clay.

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