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Linseed oil, cattle, dairy cows
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Linseed oil, cattle, dairy cows
I read somewhere that NZ flax has many medicinal purposes for diary cows. If they chew the flax it helps rid them of something, can someone please elaborate on this? What is it good for? If I remember correctly it was something to do with worms or something to this effect. Many thanks
Cherie Bartram

Cold pressed linseed oil made from flax seeds can be used as a worm drench. The flaxseed used for linseed oil does not come from New Zealand flax, but from linen flax.

Cold pressed flaxseed oil can also be administered to animals to increase oxygenation which gives better performance and reduces cramping. It also helps dampen down inflammation in conditions like arthritis and can help calm nervous animals. It encourages a healthy skin, coat and hooves and is well known as a rich source of Omega 3 essential fatty acid and other fats

A traditional drench passed on to us by a reader, who noted its effectiveness, can be made from 15mls of raw linseed oil with 7mls of Pine Tree (vegetable) Turpentine (NOT MINERAL TURPS) once a day for three days - fast overnight before drenching - this quantity is for a calf - multiply the amount proportionally by body weight. In very severe cases of infestation 1/2 teaspoon of coppersulphate in 120mls of water, properly dissolved - per animal - repeated after 10 days - and a further 10 days - to break the worm cycle. For a calf half this amount. Also try adding crushed garlic to drinking water with some cider vinegar. - Anthony Opie, Manuka Farm

Managed grazing is also used to control worms. For instance, grazing paddocks in rotation leaving paddocks empty long enough for worm eggs and larvae to die off, low stocking rates, and carrying more than one species of farm animal. Worms tend to be species specific, so it helps if paddocks are grazed by different animals one after the other, eg - sheep after cattle after goats, etc.

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