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Tomato pests
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Tomato pests
Do you have any idea of how I can get rid of tiny little black bugs on my new tomato plants? These bugs eat little holes into the leaves, and propagate like crazy. You can just brush them off, but they return soon. My tomato plants are planted in huge terra cotta pots, and I see the bugs all around the edge of the pots. I can brush them off easily, but they always return. Is there some kind of a solution that I can spray and that is harmless to the tomatoes? Or do you know anything else to do? I do have many small tomatoes on the plants already; they are cherry tomatoes, and I don't want to use anything to ruin the harvest. Thank you so much!

Your bugs could be Flea beetles - black or brown jumping bugs 1/16 inch long
attack young transplants and leave them looking as though they have been
shot full of small holes. See here for a pic

However, it is difficult to know exactly which bug we are talking about,
without more info. We suggest you go to the Appropriate Technology Transfer
for Rural Areas website, which has detailed info on organic tomato growing.
It contains a table of Major Insect Pests of Tomatoes which suggests a range
of organic solutions.

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