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Whitefly infestation
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Whitefly infestation
I have tried Pyrethrum, dish soap, canola oil, insect oil, sticky whitefly traps, and every other "solution" I have heard of, to no avail. My garden is so infested with whiteflies that I had to pull out all of the plants last year, and now even the weeds are covered with whiteflies!!! I have sprayed under and on top of leaves, put granules in soil that are supposed to kill the eggs and larvae, etc., but it's been hopeless. I was going to try the parasitic wasps, but the article I read about them said they won't help if the infestation is bad - HELP!!!!! Does anyone out there have an answer? Thanks!

The information you’ve read is correct. The parasitic wasp should be introduced at the first sighting of whitefly. It needs to be repeatedly released in the beginning until sufficient numbers build up.

Spraying with pyrethrum should help with the problem. Spray in the evenings, best every 2-3 days, three times in a row.

Another organic alternative would be using neem oil. Check with your garden centre for various neem oil containing products (choose the ones that only contain the pure oil).

Are you sure the problem is whitefly, though? Putting granules in the soil is not a control for whitefly. Eggs are deposited on the plants and the whitefly develops through nymphal stages on the plant, not larvae in the soil.


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