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Beginner Gardener
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Beginner Gardener
Hi, I have three children with serious health problems who are unable to eat more than a tiny trace of sucrose or starch. To this end, I would like to have a go at growing their fruit and vegetables organically (chemical sprays on bought produce won't be helping them!). I don't have a lot of room, but would like to grow lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, blackberries, blueberries, loganberries and seedless grapes. So where do I start??? I have never gardened in my life, so I'm a real beginner, but now I'm a full-time mum I'm hoping to have some time to put into this. The fruits and vegetables I've listed ate the only ones my children tolerate, so I need to stick to these. Please help

Hi Kimberley
Here are some leads:

1. A very good comprehensive introduction for beginners to organic gardening
is by Basil Caplan "The Complete Manual of Organic Gardening", Headline Book Publishing, 1992.

Very structured and good photographs/illustrations

2. You can take an organic correspondence course via the Open Polytech:
See this link:

3. Christchurch Polytech offers a one year full time course:

4. You can go Wooffing and learn about organic farming while working and
staying with organic families:

5. Email the Organic Garden City Trust for information about community
organic gardens - there may be one near you.

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