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Curly leaf on nectarine
Yellow flowers, Kaikoura Range
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Curly leaf on nectarine
I think I have curly leaf, the leaves have these amazing lumps and bumps. Does it affect the fruiting. I am determined to find a natural way. Thank you
Amanda, Cascade, Western Australia

Hi Amanda

we have had a previous query to the Answerfile on curly leaf on nectarine trees, see this page.

We found this suggestion on an Australian website:

'Curly leaf' on stone fruit has been helped by placing eucalyptus branches around trees in springtime; trees without this treatment producing the worse fruit.


Curly Leaf on Peach or Nectarine trees

I've taken care of this problem while growing peaches in Auckland using two copper sprays and more importantly seaweed nutrient
which I sprayed at seven day intervals. This seemed to take care of the
problem and also the possibility of overwintering spores in the
ground. I hope this info is of some use to you.

Ron Browne, Meremere

Pyro Clay is the answer for this problem, I have used it with 100% success on many fruit trees. I first read about this product in an article written by Wally Richardson in a Christchurch paper. It is organic easy to use, cheap and has the effect of also making the plants resistant to many other pests, can be used in the vege garden and makes them grow real well.
Good luck

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