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Codlin moth
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Codlin moth
How do I organically control codlin moth in Granny Smith apple tree in central valley in California (Fresno USA)? Neighbor has pecan tree that is untreated and may be contributory. Thanks

To deal with codlin moth you first need to know their life cycle, then find the strategy to organically control them.

Life cycle (Southern Hemisphere, NZ season)

Egg - Adult mating then female lays egg during Nov-Feb. (single egg, 1mm size, on leaf near fruit)

Larvae - main damage done to fruit during Nov-April (20mm size, feeding on apple with tunnel damage)

Pupae - overwintering (cocoons under bark, wood pile etc)

Adult - Nov-Jan


  • Pheromone traps (available at garden centres)

    Purpose: to minimise mating. Use synthetic female codlin moth hormone lure to attract and trap male on a sticky board.

    Method: hang the trap on the side branch close to main trunk

  • Tea of wormwood and tansy.

Purpose: To avoid mating. The smell of tea can cause the adults to avoid mating.

Method: Cook tea of wormwood and tansy, spray tea all over the tree - trunks, branches, leaves, fruits, etc.

Recipe: Pick some fresh leaves before plant has reached flowering stage. Add enough water to cover and bring to boil. Strain when cool. Dilute one part mixture to four parts water to use. Do not use to frequently, nor too strong a solution on tender vegetables as it may retard natural growth.

  • Corrugated cardboard

Purpose: To remove pupae. The larvae will hide into cardboard then over-winter in pupae form.

Method: Wrap corrugated cardboard on all the branches close to main trunk. At end of winter, remove it and destroy.

  • Others

Cleaning bark, hygiene (remove litters, etc)

Good luck and enjoy your healthy Granny Smith apples!

The following website has a number of organic
solutions suggested.  (put Codlin moth in the search box)

Also, have a look at this US webpage, it has tonnes of info on organic apple




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