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Peaches - propagating
Yellow flowers, Kaikoura Range
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Peaches - propagating
I have a peach tree which produced large tasty peaches last year with no spraying or special care. I would like to transfer the tree to another property. Is it possible to take cuttings as it produces really nice peaches, better than the other two beside it. I live in Shirley and will be moving to Mairehau in the next fortnight.
Sarah Fulguirinas

Yes, it is possible to take cuttings. This should be done in early spring. Select 12-15cm of tip, as thick as possible. Remove any leaves and buds on the lower half of the cutting. Make some small cuts on the base of the cutting and dip in an organic rooting promoter. Insert the cutting half way into the ground, loosen soil if the ground is hard. The soil should be well drained and it is very important to ensure it does not dry out while the cutting is establishing roots.

Peaches are also one of the few fruits they
may give good results when grown from seeds. Another option would be to
graft a piece of your tree on to another fruit tree, if you have one where
you are now. See the following link for info on grafting.

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