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Citrus leaves turned yellow
Yellow flowers, Kaikoura Range
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Citrus leaves turned yellow
hello I am in south Western Australia close to the beach, our soil is rather sandy and coastal. What nutrient does my lime tree need in this type of soil and climate. Would the sea-weed remedy help for this situation??? I have fed the lime tree two months ago with a citrus fertilizer and now there is a yellowing on the leaves. thanks

Hi Paul

A physiological disorder can cause the leaves of citrus plants to turn yellow. Physiological disorders relate to inadequate watering, mineral deficiency, growing a plant in too humid or too dry conditions, or at the wrong temperature, or insufficient light. Physiological disorders are often due to a combination of these factors and can only be corrected by improved growing conditions, such as feeding, mulching, watering or drainage and spacing. You could try to improve your soil with compost, and also feed and water. Its broad spectrum of nutrients makes seaweed an excellent fertiliser, and it can be applied either as a mulch or as a foliar spray (buy this from an organic supplier). Sprays of foliar feeds, at ten day intervals during the growing season, are beneficial for helping a plant recover from a physiological disorder.

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