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Weevil attacking Lavender
Yellow flowers, Kaikoura Range
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Weevil attacking Lavender
I have a problem with garden weevils (phlyctinus callosus) attacking the mature flower heads of my lavenders. As it is the flowers that are required for essential oil, yields have been reduced dramatically due to their presence. I have contacted entomologists and the outlook for gaining some control organically is not encouraging. It is also a major pest in asparagus crops and growers spray to keep the numbers down and reduce damage on spears. I have been told the commonly used product is a synthetic pyrethrum that has some soil activity so this would probably not be acceptable in an organic situation. Can you possibly offer some suggestions as to how I could get some balance back?
Sandra Farrier

Sandra describes damage to the flower heads caused by the Garden Weevil (Phlyctinus callosus). This is surprising as this insect is mainly known to do damage to roots , bulbs and corms caused by the creamy, white legless larvae (orange head and long body hair). In fact most weevil larvae live in the soil and eat plant roots or storage organs. We need to establish first what is causing the damage. If it is the adult weevils I think that Pyrethrum and/or Neem oil should have some significant effect in reducing the damage. Please, describe the damage and/or insect a bit more.

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